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Faculty and Staff

Mrs. Cally Brumley - Principal

Mrs. Gina Peterson - Secretary

Mrs. Kristy Whitlock- K3

Mrs. Marcie Heard- K4

Mrs. Cara Kniesley- K5

Mrs. Jennfier Curlin- 1st Grade

Mrs. Velma Brotherton- 2nd Grade

Mrs. Lori Dick - 3rd Grade

Mrs.Vickie Stoma - 4th Grad​e

Ms. Addie Mitchell - 5th Grade

Mrs. Aulsie Yates - 6th Grade

Mrs. Angela Jones- 7th Grade

Miss. Kelsey Meshell- 8th Grade

Mrs. Kelsey Gomez- Elem. Art

Vacant- Mrs. Andrea Smith

Mrs. Marjorie Bull - High School History/Fine Arts

Mrs. Holly Groves - High School Science

Mrs. Debbie Blades-  High School ELA


Mr. Eric Talley- Athletic Director

Coach Kyle Martin- Football/Basketball Coach

Mrs. Sonya Stutts- Elem. PE

Mr. Jerry Valentine- Cafeteria

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